OurLocalChannels.com Online Viewing

with IE (Internet Explorer)

OurLocalChannels.com uses a P2P streaming system called SOP(Streaming Over Peer)cast
This means that when you watch the station it echos the picture to other users so they can watch too.

SOPcast is completely free

To view the channels please install the SOP viewer, which you can do from HERE

When the download prompt appears, click the RUN button

When prompted to allow changes, pick YES

Select your install language (default is English)

When you see the Welcome to SopCast Setup message, close all your browse windows then click NEXT

You need to agree to the license agreement.  If you agree click on I AGREE

Choose your installation directory.  The default is usually fine.  Then click NEXT

You can UNCHECK the option to add the toolbar (unless you want it).

After the files install you can UNCHECK the RUN SOPCAST option (it will run when needed), then click FINISHED

Once the player is installed you can go directly to OurLocalChannels.com and click a channel to watch.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time the stream only works on a 32bit browser.